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The Youth Peace Initiative (YPI) was founded to give youth in conflict areas a chance to participate in peace processes. While people across the world are divided, younger generations are often not included in the efforts to shape their shared future. Therefore, the founding interest of YPI has been to include younger generations in the decisions of the present which affect their future, in order to create or maintain a sustainable peace. It is YPI’s belief that the current generation of young adults is of utmost importance in implementing sustainable peace processes.

Established as a Foundation on 18 March 2014 in The Hague, YPI started with a board of students with an avid interest in the situation of the Middle East who felt this lack of inclusiveness needed to change. Over the years the organisation and its initiatives continued to grow by hosting conferences, lectures and activities to bring young people from these areas together and to promote shared understanding and a common vision.


Youth Peace Initiative believes in the power of youth to be that new, young and positive voice to work its way towards a common future. YPI believes that youth should no longer be viewed as either the victim or perpetrator of violence in regions of conflict, rather, youth should be seen as positive and influential actors in the peace process. Therefore, it is YPI’s objective to facilitate reconciliation and dialogue between young adults to ensure that they become involved in peace processes.

If youth wants to be at the ‘table’ they must work on their agenda as well. By facilitating meetings and trainings for youth, YPI hopes to facilitate youth in becoming open, hopeful, and skilled future leaders in their communities. In doing so, YPI and its delegates are supported and inspired by various international agreements, including the Sustainable Development Goal 16 and United Nations Resolution 2250 on Youth Peace and Security.



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