YPI’s Essay Competion

YPI’s Essay Competition 2015

YPI launched an essay competition in which the participants had to find a creative answer to the question: “What would I do when I was Abbas, Netanyahu, or myself to improve the peace process between the Israeli and Palestinians”.

After weeks of evaluation by our prominent jury the winner of YPI’s Essay Competition was decided. The official award ceremony took place at our New Year’s Reception on Wednesday 28 January, 2016. The third place went to Kristiaan Koop, who was unfortunately not able to attend the ceremony. He wrote a very creative essay from the perspectives of Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Mahoud and his own perspective as well. Eva Vaz Nave made it to the second place by writing an interesting essay in which she discussed several social and political changes which have to be made. And the winner of YPI’s Essay Competition 2015 is Bas Kleijweg. He wrote a nice and original essay in which he suggested that education might be key for resolving the conflict. He wrote an comprehensive plan in which he guided the reader step by step, explaining why certain steps were important. By writing this essay he won a trip to Jerusalem with the YPI Board!




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