Second YPI-conference on Israeli/Palestinian peace issue

Second YPI-conference on Israeli/Palestinian peace issue

In 2014 YPI carefully set the base for dialogue, which was given the time to grow over the last two years. The delegates had continued their efforts back in the Israeli and Palestinian region and felt that it was time to come back to the Netherlands for a second conference to dive deeper into the subject matter.

From Sunday 28th of May till Friday the 3th of June, YPI organised its second conference regarding the Israeli/Palestinian peace issue. The expanded – with regard to the 2014 conference – Israeli and Palestinian delegations came to the Netherlands, where they spent an intensive week with workshops and dialogue.

One of the weeks’  results is the document ‘Our Common Future II: Paving the road to sustainable peace.

“Despite the gruelling, frank, and at times deeply challenging dialogues, the participants were able to present a document including a promise to continue the negotiations and listing the collective responsibility on both sides. By acknowledging responsibility, the sides do not admit that they are at fault – they do, nonetheless, acknowledge that these are issues that they must answer for as members of their own societies. Additionally the participants agreed to move past their differences to discuss and design programmes to build mutual trust between Israelis and Palestinians. Their programme proposals, aimed at trust-building and transmitting tolerance, are included in ‘Our Common Future II.”

On the last day of the conference, the participants travelled to The Hague where they presented ‘Our Common Future II’ in Press Center Nieuwspoort, in presence of Dr. Abuznaid, head of the Palestinian Mission to the Netherlands and Mr. Divon, Israeli Ambassador to the Netherlands. Afterwards, YPI had the honour to meet the mayor of The Hague, Mr. Jozias van Aartsen, who stressed the importance of continuing the dialogues and was proud to be host, as The Hague is the International City of Peace and Justice.

The delegations returned to the region after an insightful and intensive conference. Although the road is long and hurdles continue to emerge, the participants will continue their pledge to bring peace to the region.

“Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time” 

– Lyndon B. Johnson.

Attachment: Read ‘Our Common Future II’

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