Energetic Talks on Syria with The Hague Peace Projects

Energetic Talks on Syria with The Hague Peace Projects

On the 19th of June, YPI participated in an incredible event on the future of Syria, organised by The Hague Peace Projects. With people from many different sectors, organisations, and nationalities, a fruitful conference opened up the floor to different views on the situation in Syria. With a large representation of Syrians present, including some of YPI’s Syrian delegates, we were motivated by the energy and insights brought forward by everyone present.

YPI had been invited to organise one of the workshops, and with the help of our Syrian Committee we managed to introduce discussions on what can be learned from other diaspora. Why do some diaspora find a common identity while other groups don’t find that common representation?

All in all, The Hague Peace Projects created a fruitful and tantalizing day by offering a public space that promoted open debate!

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