Launching Season 2 of our Podcast: the Role of Language in Peacebuilding

Apr 23, 2021

We are looking back! On November 3rd, 2022, the Youth Peace Initiative was invited to attend the 2022 Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize at the Peace Palace

The Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize is awarded every two years by the Carnegie Foundation to an institution or a person who furthers the development of international peace. This year, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) – a private diplomacy organisation based in Geneva – was bestowed with the award, in recognition of their hard work in preventing, mitigating, and resolving armed conflicts through dialogue and mediation.

Moreover, on the occasion of the Peace Prize, YPI got to meet Rhea Mahanta, Youth Ambassador of the Peace Palace and winner of the 2021 Youth Peace Prize, bestowed by the Peace Palace, YPI, and the Municipality of The Hague. As a founder of The Peacebuilding Project, last year she was recognized for peacebuilding activities such as the Rohingya Literacy Program.

Read more about the 2022 Carnegie Wateler Peace Prize here:

Language is culture, home, familiarity, art, body, voice, listening, connection, communication, offensive, uncomfortable, emotion, heritage, sharing and conflict all at once and much more. 

Language can create conflict on a personal level, but of course it is also a major source of misunderstanding and tension on the global level. There is also potential in language, an opportunity to build bridges and connect with the other. 

In the second season of our podcast, we explore the richness of this topic by talking with alumni from YPI’s Young Leadership Experience, hearing about a campaign dedicated to tackling hate speech, and we will close off with a reflection with a young man studying conflict-resolution. In the spirit of giving a stage to languages other than English, we are also planning on recording an episode in Hebrew and one in Arabic with the help of the Young Leadership Experience alumni – stay tuned!

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