The YPI was established on March 18 2014 in The Hague. Initially created by six students with an avid interest in the situation of the Middle East, it quickly expanded and became a greater vision. The founding interest of all the YPI members has been to include younger generations in the decisions of the present which affect their future. In doing so, the YPI wishes to promote peace between disputing parties.

From the Israeli/Palestinian region, to Northern Ireland, to Korea, the world is full of people and communities divided. These are areas where the younger generations are not included in the considerations of peace. The founders of the YPI feel that this needs to change and therefore the YPI functions as an attempt to bring young persons together from these areas to promote shared understanding and a common vision.

At this current moment in time there is the YPI Board based in the Netherlands, the Youth Peace Initiative of Palestinians and Israelis (YPIPI) in the Middle East  and the Youth Peace Initiative of Internationals (YPII) from around the world.

Chairman Thed Brouwer signing for the establishment of the Foundation on March 18, 2014

Chairman Thed Brouwer signs for the establishment of the Foundation on March 18, 2014